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Avison Sprayers are the UK's largest dealers in used crop sprayers. We supply all makes of sprayers, from major manufacturers such as Gem, Knight, Case, Bateman, Chafer, Sam, Matrot and Househam. Stock is added to this site on a daily basis and displayed in relevants sections, such as Self Propelled, MultiDrive/Clayton, Fastrac, Trailed, Mounted, Demounts, Tractors and Front Tanks. We even have Breaking For Spares and Cheap To Clear sections.

Please use the navigation bar to view our current stock list and then phone 01526 354433 for more information or to buy.

BATEMAN RB35 4000LT 36M +GPS 2011 001
HOUSEHAM AR3000 12-24-30M 2010 006
KNIGHT SP1836 3600LT 12-24M 2010 001
SAM VISION 4000E 12-24-32M 2010 001
BATEMAN RB25 3000LT 36M VG + GPS 54 REG 001
CHALLENGER RG 655 5000LT 36M 2011 014
CASE SP3000 12-24M 51 REG 002

We sell a huge range of spare parts. Click here for details